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Welcome to Denmark

Host of 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships.



Registration for HMC 2020



The track as it is planned and run



About Haderslev MTB Challenge

Haderslev at its best

UCI Mountain Bike ride

You have lots of different choices if you want to go mountain biking around Haderslev.
Take at trip in the woods or on the road. Or try out the challenging UCI Mountain Bike XC trail near Haderslev.

Try out the 2022 UCI World Championship course. 11 kilometers build up by 13 different trails with differing difficulty. The trail is graduated blue, but red sections can be added. When you have ridden the entire 11 kilometers you have also ridden about 300 vertical meters. – probably something that can get the sweat out of most people

The woods
A nice trip starting around Haderslev. You can take Geheimerådens Sti to Dyrehaven, Pamhule Skov and aroud Hindemade Sø (lake).
There is a great chance that you will meat a deer, and you can take a break near Sofies Kilde where the water springs from the ground. You can try drinking from the source and possibly eat your packed lunch.

On the road
If you take the road you will see lots of beautiful views. You can ride along Haderslev Næs, around Slivsøen (lake) or take the road to Diernæs and Vikær. From here you can go on to Sønderballe where you can enjoy the view over Genner Strand (beach) and Kalvø. The extra trip to see Kalvøstien (small path) is worth the extra trouble. The nature in the area i beautiful. Afterwards you can take Hærvejen (the Ancient Road) back to Haderslev. No matter what kind of trip you like, you will find what you are searching!